Volkswagen Just Re-released Everyone’s Favorite Hippy-van But Now It’s Electric

Those awesome old hippy vans, everyone loved them in their prime and people still continue to love them now! Volkswagen Just Re-released Everyone’s Favorite Hippy-van But Now It’s Electric! There have been rumours going around for a while about Volkswagen reintroducing the iconic van for a while now. People hope that it can look more similar to the old, 1970s ones or 1960s ones as opposed to the newer, more techie looking ones that have come out in more recent years. The new ones don't really have that same, aesthetic to them, and they look a little more on the space age side, then they look hippie classic.

Personally, I have always loved the old camper hippie vans, and it has always been a dream of mine to someday rebuild one, and restore it back to being in good condition. The engine, the exterior, the interior, the whole nine yards! Well, that is what this man, who has a channel on Youtube called ItsBenModified, went ahead and did! He took a bright yellow, 1966 Volkswagen Bus, and completely restored it, and he also made it completely electric powered! He used various parts from different old Volkswagen vehicles, like the bugs and vans, to create a motor that can run on electricity! Isn't that amazing?! So it is the old style, mixed with new technology.

The yellow bus also has air conditioning too! He explains all of the different parts he has used in the vehicle, and shows the batteries, that power the van. The batteries are stored perfectly, under the rows of seats, and the bus usually can seat 5 people comfortably. What a great family vehicle this would be! He takes us for a ride in the sweet van, and shows that it can go up to normal speeds. It is also so quiet since it is electric, and doesn't have that grumbly engine sound that some of the older Volkswagen vans have, even if their engines are completely rebuilt. This is such a great way to take an old classic and bring it up to the technology and environmentally friendly aspects of this era.

These vehicles had great bodies, and they were built really strong and durable. So it is a shame to see them do to waste in a landfill, or a salvage yard. Even if people don't want to wait for the new electric Volkswagen vans, they can always do a project like this one, where they install their own electric engine into the van themselves. You can watch in this video for more ideas, and follow links in the video to the website too, for more information! This project looks absolutely stunning, with the bright yellow paint, white accents and even yellow rims on the tires! You can really tell that the owner put a great deal of work into this project, and is super proud of it! I sure would be too, it's pretty amazing to say the least! Have a peek at the video, and maybe some of his other projects!

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