Thinking Wood Oak House

As a child, it was often a dream to live deep in the forest, surrounded by woodland creatures and singing birds and gurgling springs, whilst living in the comfort of my own cosy home. And while you may not way to take up that way of living, you can definitely look into installing a water feature and this absolutely adorable little log house. Not only is it sweetly eco-friendly, but you children (and you!) will spend hours upon hours in such a cute little hutch.

All the wood from this little house was created from the wood of trees the were felled in the area during a terrible storm that swept them up and over. They thought their lives were over until they were discovered and given the task of becoming a beautiful storage for fun and memories. The original sketch was dreamt up with the idea of using the house as an outdoor classroom, but now it will be given the task of becoming a fully insulated little home. With moss as a roof and a sunken floor, you feel as though you are being hugged by the thick foliage around.

You don't need to have furry feet and be a hobbit to live in a burrow! And not just a messy hole in the ground or a bunch of twigs pushing together to meet in the middle as a tipi, but you get a beautifully crafted work of art that could rival any fairytale house ever named. The lines of the wood work alone are gorgeous, not to mention the cute simplicity of the windows. Everything flows and curves like magic and that is the feeling you get just from laying eyes on this little wooden house. Magic. Magic and warm winters inside with a blanket and a spectacular book. What more could you ask for in life?

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