Texas Company is Called The “Best Little House in Texas” For a Good Reason!

Learn all about small house living on The Best Little House in Texas site. You will get the chance to see all sorts of small house design details and things to be inspired from. The Hennigans are living life to the fullest in their small house design that they built themselves. On the site, you get to see how they are enjoying small house living, and you will get all sorts of tips and tricks along the way. You'll want to see their kitchen ceiling that uses the Japanese Shou Sougi Ban method; there is even a video showing how they did this cool effect. You also get to see all of the places they travel to along the way.

There are all sorts of advantages of living in a tiny cabin on wheels. Probably the biggest is the ability to travel with your home. If you have a truck or an SUV, you can tow your tiny cabin on wheels around the country sightseeing, visiting family and friends or living in a variety of different places for extended periods of time. When your job moves, you can hook your tiny cabin on wheels up to your truck and take it with you. Tiny cabins on wheels are built on top of heavy duty trailers that are specifically engineered for small house designs. The trailers used for tiny cabins on wheels use high-grade steel that maximizes the strength while minimizing weight. Just think how great it would be to be able to sleep in your own bed along with your own belongings every night. No need for hotels, no setting up a campsite, just crawling into bed after a long day on the road exploring. There are many tiny home communities around the country where you can park and stay.

One of the biggest benefits of living in a tiny cabin on wheels is that there is less space to clean. Owners of small house designs rave about how quick and easy it is to clean their space. It might take you five minutes to pick up around the house, and you can most likely deep clean your small house design in about an hour. But with that said a tiny house design could also get untidy quickly, that is why it's so important to have a place for everything to go. Living in a small house design means you don't want to collect to much stuff, you want to keep your possessions to a minimum, and put everything away when you are done.

You can see more of this tiny cabin on wheels on the Facebook - The Best Little House in Texas site. The Hennigans are a couple of full-time small house dwellers. They built their small house design together in Texas and traveled across the United STates and Canada, relying on the good nature of great people. You can also take a look at their site to learn all about small house living, which is a combination of their dreams, ambitions, passions, and hopes. They are a young couple hoping to live a more sustainable life. They started their first garden five years ago, and both their garden and passion for gardening have grown each year. Their entire yard is now an ecosystem of edibles and native plants. Throughout their walk down this path, sustainability has become more and more ingrained in their lifestyle. It wasn't long before they began to feel their current mortgage and home system was not a sustainable system. The couple loves their tiny cabin on wheels, that we built and designed ourselves. **

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