Simple Meatloaf Recipe

Meatloaf once a week is not uncommon in many households. Ground beef is one of those meats that is used in so many simple style recipes. If possible be sure to purchase a good grade of ground beef, organic if possible. No matter what type of ground beef you do buy, choose a leaner grade because when it comes to feeding your loved ones, you want to put the best you can of the table. Lean ground beef is not an expensive choice when you consider the health factors. Did you know that lean ground beef is not only low in fat, it is also high in protein. There are three types of grinds produced from a cow.

Ground Sirloin, is typically 90/10 lean vs fat. Ground Round 85/15 and Ground Chuck is 80/20. Different grounds produce different flavors. Packaged beefs range from 73/27 lean/fat ratio to 96/4 lean/fat ratio. Most beef packages are marked with % of fat and % of lean. Lean ground beef must have a 92/8 factor and extra lean must have a 96/4 or higher factor.

Fat does give flavor to meat, and more fat in ground beef means juice, but lean qualities and give you equally desirable flavour and be juicy. It really depends on how you cook it and you should always think first and foremost about having a healthy diet in your cooking. So, do you already have that perfect recipe for meatloaf that the entire family will eat? Are you from a family where your mother or grandmother cooked meatloat once a week? Sometimes those old recipes were fantastic, while other times meatloaf could bring cries of protest , especially from the children. Most people tend to like the flavors of sweet and sour porks, chicken and beef. If you and your family fit into that category, then this recipe is going to be for you! Along with the other ingredients, you bake this meatloaf in a sauce made with apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and ketchup. This recipe is worthy of a taste and you may have it being requested more often than you think.Well, enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the Cully's Kitchenwebsite below.

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We love sharing recipes but we must give credit where credit is due, that is why you will need to visit the website in the link below to get the recipe. Thanks for supporting all of the talented cooks in the world!

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