Samoa Brownies!!

Samoa is a small island found in the South Pacific Ocean. It has been independent from New Zealand since the 60's. Did these lovely people come up with this lovely recipe? Samoa brownies are a combination of salted buttercream topping a rich and decadent brownie. Add some toasted coconut and caramel for the must utterly perfect combination of sweetness and deliciousness. If you live in North America, you might also remember the time when the Girl Scouts sold a cookie called the 'Samoa Cookies', and eventually changed the name to Caramel deLites.

In the Girl Scout history, it was in 1975 that the 'Samoa' was added to their selling package. Out of interest, their other big names are the 'Shortbreads', the 'Thin Mints', and the 'Peanut Butter Sandwich'.

Back to this delicious recipe. You can either choose to use a brownie mix and nowadays there are many on the market that are not all junk, and instead have some healthier ingredients in them. You may also have your own famous brownie recipe that you would rather us, and this is find. A key ingredient in Samoa brownies, which in my opinion is why they are even called Samoa brownies, it the generous amount of coconut that is used in the recipe. Coconut grows abundantly in Samoa and the island has many programs in place to protect this beloved plant that brings so much abundance. The samoa brownie also called for a fair amount of salt, so that the sweetness can be balanced, as this dessert is definitely sweet.

Once the brownie baked, then it a simple process of coconut toasting, and melting of chocolate to drizzle over the top. In the grand scheme of baking, this dessert could be classified as an easy dessert, but one does have to be mindful not to burn the coconut (which can happen so quickly), and to melt the chocolate properly. When melting chocolate, the most important thing is not to get any splashes of water in the chocolate which will wreck the entire thing.

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