Real Log Cabins: The Perfect Getaway

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How will you define an ideal romantic vacation getaway? Having a vacation does not necessarily mean you have to live in a luxurious hotel and spend the night with the most expensive one. It is about feeling relaxed and comfortable. Are you looking for a great place to stay? Well, search no more! With this beautiful custom built log cabin, you will surely love to spend a holiday with your friends and family. At Real Log Cabins, the models starts from 432 square feet to spacious 1,136 square feet, but if you prefer a smaller cabin with a wide porch then you may check out Trailblazer.

A log cabin historically was considered to be a more simple type of structure, typically one or one and a half story structures that could be erected in a few days by a family. These log cabins were built without the use of nails deriving their stability because the logs are stacked in their construction. Log cabins of today are far more sophisticated and with the talented experienced builders, a log cabin becomes a modern, well insulated, warm and inviting, and creative dwelling. The key point is, log cabin gives you a total privacy as well as a perfect escape from the distractions and stresses away from home.

Nowadays, log home companies offer many styles of cabins and homes, and many talented builders can custom build to suit your personal taste. Consider your personal needs when planning your log home and look at lots of plans and photos. So now, why choose to stay in a hotel when you can all have the needs and comforts of a authentic log cabin? Well, are you interested in build your own cabin getaway? You can visit the Real Log Homes website and request plans. Best of luck!

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Please support us by clicking here, and we will give you a free subscription to our Country Living magazine, thank you!!!

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