This Is What Happens When You Build A Log Home In New York

"New York" and "log home" are two nouns that on first glance have next to nothing in common. I mean, did you know there was wood in New York? Not to mention a log home? There might be a few trees s ... read more

This Forest Cabin Is What Heaven Looks Like

A 3 foot wide, somewhat rooty, somewhat rocky trail leads you to the National Forest Cabin on Denny Creek in Washington. This 6.0 mile round trip hike is family friendly with it's gentle, easy grade. ... read more

If This Log Home Doesnít Make You Wanna Leave The City, Nothing Will

A Gorgeous and Perfect Family Home in the Mountains, this one is a 10 for sure! Nestled in the forest, this family home is stunning against the backdrop of old growth cedar trees. Complete with two ... read more

This Rustic Log House Is Every Free Spiritís Dream Come True

Wouldn't you love to live in a rustic log cabin in the woods? Maybe you could picture yourself living in this pretty and neat log cabin. With all of the people wanting to move out of the city and st ... read more

This Majestic Log Home Is Designed To Appeal To Creative And Stylish People

Living in a log home is a beautiful experience and a log home from Bear Country Log Homes, a Majestic Log Cabin Builder would be the perfect home for a family or even just a couple. The wonderful thin ... read more

A Log Home Doesnít Get Any More American Than This

Are you one of those people who are dreaming of owning your very own log cabin, but donít know where to start? Then you may want to check out these true American Classic log homes, built by North For ... read more

Feel Like Thoreauís Walden In This Vintage-Style Cabin In The Woods

Imagine living a life of peace and quiet, tucked away in a forest, surrounded by trees and the sounds of nature. A Log Cabin in the woods is calling you to it. A place where you can just be, and not w ... read more

People Can't Stop Fighting Over Whether This Log Home Is Ugly Or Beautiful

Building any home is exciting, especially when it's a log house like this $59,750 compact and affordable log home with open deck to let light and views in. Building a log cabin or home is totally pos ... read more

This Is Definitely One Of The Most Unusual Log Homes Youíll See

Whatís the smartest way to build your dream log home? To research the topic as much as possible before you get started. This means talking to people who have built their own log homes, interviewing lo ... read more

These Log House Photos Are Going Viral For An Inspiring Reason

Imagine yourself in a peaceful and relaxing place, out in nature with plenty of time to just be and relax all on your own. Check out this Log Cabin on an Alpine Lake in the Woods and other beautiful ... read more

Feel Like Dalai Lama In This Stunning Buddhist-Shaped Log Home

This rustic Log Home 143 has the right idea, surrounded by fruit trees and gardens all around in an ideal location in the country. It's nice to imagine yourself living out in a beautiful location like ... read more

The Internet Is Perplexed About The Price Of This Cabin

SMALLER homes do not have to make everything else seem tighter and cramped for the residents. As a matter of fact they - like casitas and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) -provide more benefits compare ... read more

This Cabin Retreat Has No Electricity, But It Might Hold The Key To Your Well-Being

The Library House in the Redwoods is a lovely log cabin writer's retreat center that is surrounded by Redwoods with an ocean view. Their week-long writer's retreats offer a great escape for writers wh ... read more

It Looks Like A Normal Log Home, But Itís Hiding A Secret That Can Save You Serious Cash

Log home living is only sought out by about 10% of the home buying market. This may be perhaps because of the high cost and life long maintenance that is required of a log home. What if you could hav ... read more

This Stunning Barn Home Is Almost Noahís Ark-Like In Its Design

This Chattanooga Barn Home is a True Horse Lover's Dream. This beautiful log home building is located outside of Chattanooga, Tennesee. This barn log house designs is a 72-foot all-wood structure that ... read more

They’ve Just Built A $1,000 Log Cabin, And It’s Ridiculously Splendid

Those of us who dream of owning a rustic log cabin often believe our dream is just that since log cabins typically cost from $100,000 for a basic one-bedroom cabin to $500,000+ for a high-end cabin. ... read more

Stop Whatever Youíre Doing And Take A Virtual Tour Of This Stunning $125K Log Home

If you like log house designs, you will want to take a look at the Athens log home as featured in the September 2008 issue of Log Home Illustrated. This beautiful log home plan and design has all the ... read more

This Log Home Might Have The Most Beautiful Interior Youíve Ever Seen

Log homes make for some of the most gorgeous and durable homes ever! Check out this Top Notch Gorgeous Log Home Wrap Around Deck MUST SEE Interior & Floor Plans! There are so many amazing different ... read more

Itís Not Every Day That You See A Fully-Preserved 100-Year-Old Cabin

When you come across some log cabins, it's like going back in time, one hundred or even two hundred years, it makes you consider the history of the area and the lives these people lived. This "A 100 ... read more

This Manís Story Could Change Your View Of Living In a Log Cabin

For anyone who loves the great outdoors, living an off grid life might seem like the most appealing option ever. Much like Richard Proenneke, who went by Dick for short, who lived out in the wilderne ... read more

This Handcrafted Log Home Is Stunning Both Inside And Out

Log homes and cabins are a timeless, practical and economical type of housing that has been being built for centuries. Check out thisGorgeous Log Home MUST SEE Interior & Floor Plans! If you want to ... read more

This Weird-Looking Log Home Has Inspired Stories And Legends

One look at this original, rustic and beautiful structure leaves the viewer wanting more, another glimpse or different perspective to try and make sense of what you're looking at, to take in as much a ... read more

How To Open Coconuts Without Any Tools

If you want to learn how to make your life easier in the kitchen, you can rest assured that there are a number of simple life hacks that are designed to make common tasks easier. For instance, you can ... read more

You May Never Throw Away an Egg Shell When You Know All These Ideas

Most egg shells end up in the trash or the compost, but after seeing these DIY ideas and natural cures for egg shells, you will see them in a new light. You will never want to throw away an egg shell ... read more

Easiest Way to Clean Burnt Pan in Just 5 Minutes!

If you are making the switch to using all natural cleaners in your household, then you might be interested in this great tutorial on the easiest way to clean a burnt pan. The awesome thing is, this c ... read more

A Rustic Log Cabin That Is Interesting From Outside, Stunning From Inside!

This rustic tiny cabin design sits on a beautiful piece of southeast Texas acreage, looking like its been sitting there for more than a century. With weathered siding and a rusty tin roof that are dec ... read more

This Medium Sized Log Cabin Is Perfect for Small Family

Countless consumers have been investing in cabin building kits. These are comprehensive log house designs that can be easily put together by homeowners, irrespective of their level of construction exp ... read more

Decorate or Furnish Your Tiny Home with These 32 Weird and Free DIY Ideas

Now that you have your tiny house built, it's time for the fun stuff - decorating. If you've built your own tiny house on wheels, chances are you're a DIYer to the core as it is, so you'll probably b ... read more

Why Do It Yourself? Build Your own Log Cabin for Less money

If you've always wanted to live in a natural environment, you may have wanted to build your own log cabin or home. There are a few different options for people when it comes to log house building. Y ... read more

Master Carpenter Builds a Masterpiece Log Home and Garden

This amazing custom built log home is the perfect example of how beautiful handcrafted log homes plans and designs can be. This would be the perfect retreat for anyone who wants to be more in touch wi ... read more
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