How About a Floating Log Cabin - Yes or No?

Imagine waking up every day to the smell of ocean air and beautiful seaside scenery. A floating home is a unique small house plan that floats and is anchored to a semi-permanent location on the water. ... read more

A Very Cozy Interior of a Tiny Home

This A frame wood cabin design is so inviting and cozy with its cozy bedroom nook and adjacent kitchen area. The warm glow of the lighting against the wood only furthers the appeal. There is something ... read more

People Love the Exposed Beam Work and Wood Stove In This Tiny Cabin

What a beautiful and natural tiny house design. This is like the little cabin in the woods that everyone dreams of having. If you want a cute tiny house to use as a vacation home, or maybe to live i ... read more

A Rustic Kitchen Design You’ll Want For Your Cabin

There is so much to love about rustic wood cabins and rustic home design. And this kitchen design is just one of the reasons rustic home design is so popular. This rustic kitchen has exposed wood beam ... read more

The Interior of This Gorgeous Log Cabin Will Leave You Speechless

This stunning wood cabin is just one of the custom built log cabins you will find on the Appalachian Log and Timber homes site. A wood cabin such as this is the ultimate retreat, a place to get away a ... read more

These Enchanting Tiny Houses Look Just Like Real Life Fairy Houses

When it comes to small house designs, there is plenty of room to use your imagination and come up with designs that add a bit of whimsy and magic in every nook and cranny. And with so many tiny cabin ... read more

Mom Discovered The Best Cleaning Solution With 3 Simple Ingredients And A Coffee Filter

If you're in need of some great cleaing tips, you're in luck. Howdini has some great cleaing tips for us in a video from their YouTube channel. This video is especially good for if you're swapping o ... read more

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven Better: Use This Genius Tip to Prevent Soggy or Greasy Strips

For all the bacon fans out there, here is one of the simple life hacks you can try when cooking your bacon. Recently, people have become almost obsessed with bacon, and there's certainly a culture cr ... read more

Take a Look at This Amazing Tipi Framed Bedroom From Handmade Houses

Take a trip back to the 60s and 70s to the custom home designs of the free spirited hippies who roamed America. The hippies as they are known as, were people who had a different way of looking at the ... read more

Take a Look Inside Timbercraft Gooseneck Retreat on Wheels

Small house living is a great way to declutter and live a more minimalistic lifestyle. People also love living in a tiny house because they don't have a hefty mortgage payment or high utility bills t ... read more

Cozy Farmhouse With A Dream Porch And Charming Interior

Get ready to be inspired with this cozy farmhouse architectural design from Sala Architect. Everything about this farmhouse home design is perfection from the covered wraparound porch to screened in p ... read more

Let's Relax for a While in This Amazing Log Home Porch

If you're looking for someone to design and build your log cabin or log house, it can be a feat to find the company you're going to work with. If you live in the Montana area, Montana Build is a comp ... read more

Stunning Log Cabin That Will Make You Want to Move Out of the City

Check out this beautiful log house design featured on the Wholesale Log Homes Facebook page. If you and your family have been thinking about building a log house of your very own you may want to loo ... read more

Perfectly Picturesque Cabin in the Woods, Must See Gallery!

A picture perfect log cabin in the forest. Wouldn't this be an amazing place to call home? Even if it were only for a short stay, this would be such a magical place to be. The photo comes from a we ... read more

Breakfast by the Campfire! Extremely Satisfied and Enjoyed the Warmth With Friends

There is something about camping that seems to bring out the best flavor in everything you cook. Maybe it's all of that fresh air, or possibly all of that exercise you get doing activities like hiking ... read more

Have a Look at This Lovely 116 Sqft. Tiny Cabin for Under $4000

Take a look at the Malaga tiny cabin design from EZ Log Structures. The Malaga is a lovely cabin building that has 116 square feet of space. This is the perfect size for use as a backyard poolhouse, a ... read more

A 1080 Sqft Inexpensive Tiny Cabin Is Something You Don't Want to Miss

Have you always dreamed of having a log house but couldn't afford one of the custom built designs? You can actually build your very own log house from a prefab kit from EZ Log Structures and these ki ... read more

164 Sqft Is the Most Stylish Cabin on a Tiny Budget

The Langeoog is a 164 square foot cabin building kit that can be used for a variety of uses from a guest house, backyard office, artist studio, writers studio and more. The cabin building kit includes ... read more

This 919 Sqft Cabin Is So Gorgeous and Offers Free Shipping for $26,104

Interested in building your own tiny house or log house? First you need a good design and some materials. The best way to get your materials for a more affordable price is to buy them all together i ... read more

See the Spacious Floor Plan of This 635 Sqft. Fabulous Tiny Home

Looking for the perfect little log house or tiny house can be overwhelming to say the least. There are so many different companies out there to choose from and then each company has hundreds, if not ... read more

Never Miss the Cozy Interior of This Breathtaking Log Cabin

The Glass House unique small house plan completely connects you with nature. This beautiful glass home design is like nothing you've seen before and is the perfect getaway experience for you. This woo ... read more

Loving This Silo House for Sale in Florida. Price Reflects 25 Acres That Come With It

Could you imagine owning your very own tiny house on your very own farm? This is a very unique mini house on 25 acres of land for $200,000 US. Located in Lake City, Florida, you'd be guaranteed nice ... read more

Ultimate 4x4 Sprinter Van Conversion, Take a Tour Inside!

You will want to take a look at this camper van conversion and all of the ideas that went into it. The owner lives full time in the converted Mercedes 4 by 4 Sprinter Van. This video has the full tour ... read more

Charming Lake House Cabin! Love the Open Concept of the Great Room

Collect more ideas for log cabin design. These photos will have you dreaming of living in a beautiful log cabin or house of your very own enjoying the peace and quiet in a natural setting. Log cabin ... read more

This Is the Most Fabulous Log Home Kitchen

When you're building a log house, one of the best parts of the building process is when you get to decorate the home you've had built for you. The planning process is also pretty fun too since you ge ... read more

Get Gorgeous Backyard Privacy Without a Fence

Do you need a little bit of privacy in your yard but don't want to have to build a fence? Sometimes when you first move into a house, you don't want to have to spend the money on building a fence rig ... read more

Never Miss the Awesome Interior of This Fully Equipped Tiny House

Here's a fully equipped tiny house on wheels with a great design. The best part about it is that it's actually for sale right now, so if you truly love it, it can be all yours for only $29,000 US. T ... read more

Tour This 1929 Lake Tahoe Cabin, an Exquisite 475 Square Foot Trip Back in Time

Wood cabins have been around for hundreds of years, and they are a build that is steeped in history. And this historic Old Tahoe wood cabin in Zephyr Cove, Nevada was built in 1929, so it offers plent ... read more

Check Out Small But Sweet Nantahala Log Home– the View From the Back Porch Is Really Special

The perfect place to relax on your vacation time away, this log cabin design has a loft and an optional full basement. This log cabin design has two bedrooms, three full bathrooms and plenty of floor ... read more

Explore This Rustic Cabin – the Lake Views From the Bedroom Windows Are Divine

Spend a few nights in this incredible log cabin in Seattle, Washington area. The owners Roberta and Dan lived in the log cabin for a year and loved it, but now they are living back in their main hous ... read more
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