If You're in Search of Housing That Is Both Timeless and Sustainable, These Log Homes Are Definitely worth Seeing

Log homes and cabins are a timeless, practical and economical type of housing that has been being built for centuries. If you want a beautiful log home you can get this lovely home called The Ironwood. If you want to be conscious about the environment, log homes are hands down, the way to build. The logs used in most of them come from sustainable logging plantations. With the rise in popularity of log homes and cabins, there are so many places that you can order the pre fabricated log homes and cabins from, and Coventry Log Homes makes it easy and as affordable as possible and doesn't spare anything when it comes to quality materials and service.

The Ironwood is available as a log home kit, which means you can even build this home yourself if you wish, they are made to be super simple to assemble and can be done with the help of some other people. Otherwise, you can always hire a contractor to build it for you. Over at Coventry Log Homes, there are many different layouts you can choose from, including this one The Ironwood Log Home, with it's majestic design, looking like a chalet you would see in a movie!

This home is amazing, with the peaked roofs, and generous porch and deck space, there is even a fire place on the side porch! Can you imagine hanging out in the hammocks right by the fire place, enjoying a nice warm beverage, looking out over the amazing views?! How spectacular! The Ironwood seems to have multiple bedrooms and a very large living and dining space, perfect for a larger family for a permeant residence. This one is a definite winner in so many regards. Head over to Coventry Log Homes by following the link in the description below for more on this beautiful log home and others.

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