Gorgeous Log Cabin With Water Garden

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When talking about log homes, a lot of questions come up to homeowners mind, most particularly to those people who plan to build or buy their log homes. In order to give you an idea, here are some questions you might ponder and can learn at the same time before purchasing or engaging upon building.

1) How much will a real log home cost?

The cost of a real log home will depend on a lot of factors. Factors may include: what are the natural materials you have on your land, either you will use your trees or purchase logs from a logger. You may also consider how many logs you need, the size of the home you want to build, the foundation you will use as well as the building codes you need to comply.

There are, in fact, a lot of factors to consider before you will come up with its cost. If you plan to build your log home, it is sometimes probable to cut the costs considerably. If you are equipped with the tools and materials you will need, then you can begin building them up NOW.

2) How many years will a log home last?

Log homes last decades, but if it is built WRONG; then expect it to last only a few years. Therefore, it would be best if you study logs first if you planned to build it in your way. But if you have enough budget, a good contractor will do the tricks for you to have a log home that will last for centuries. Using the butt and pass method upon building, this would will result in a long standing structure.

3) Is there a limit to how big or small log home can be?

There is no limit. You can, in fact, build as big as Taj Mahal if you have enough money. *lol* you can also design it according to your desire.

To give you a hint of what a log home looks, check out this Gorgeous Log Cabin with Water Garden via ‘My Wood Home Log’ website or simply click the link below. Have a good day!

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