Finnish Log House

Try this Finnish Log House 101 m2 and see if it is the one you need for your dream home in the woods. This home is smartly designed, bright and full of light as well as functional for everyday living. And it includes a sauna, the favored pastime of all northerners. There is nothing quite like a hot and (sometimes) steamy sauna in the middle of winter, followed by either a roll in the snow or a jump in the lake. The shock of heat to cold is a jolt to your system that is like no other experience. If you live in a northern climate, a sauna is almost a must have part of your country home. It is not difficult to construct, and if it is a dry sauna, can easily be constructed inside the house. A shower just outside the sauna allows you to use cold water rather than racing outside if you prefer to not do that. Of course, if your neighbors are too close, an inside shower could be the better choice.

This particular structure opens to the upstairs so it seems gracious, friendly and big as soon as you step in to it. There is a washroom to one side and the sauna is on the first floor. A functional kitchen that includes a dining area and a small, but comfortable living room make up the rest of the space. A large stairway leads to the one bedroom upstairs. It has great space and a big window to let in the morning light. The entire interior is finished with natural wood, making the space seem very warm and friendly. You will find yourself able to relax in this space in ways that other more busy designs dont allow as well.

This Finnish Log Home design is cozily put together. Go to the website today to see the many designs and options that this manufacturer can offer you.

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