Everyone Loves This Stunning Fairy Log Cabin

You can't help but feel the warmth and charm that this tiny cabin design portrays when you take a look at the photos. These are the night time shots that show the wood cabin's self-contained LED lighting. The wood cabin is built from a tiny wood cabin kit and was decorated both inside and out for the night time photographs. The photos exude a soft, warm glow that comes from the tiny cabin design, and you feel drawn into the photos. The exterior of the wood cabin looks to be covered in flowers and moss and gives the feeling of a tiny fairy cabin in the forest. Inside the tiny cabin building is just as charming with a tiny bed, table and chairs, lace curtains and slow glowing light. You feel like you are in the scene yourself, and the warm, soft glow of the lights invites you in.

You will want to take a look at some of the tips for shooting this wood cabin scene, that will have you wanting to go out and take some night time photos of your own. The exterior shot of the tiny cabin design is illuminated with four unique light sources, and the time exposure to shooting the photo is about 30 seconds long. The four light sources include one reduced ambient light that comes from the stained glass table lamp across the living room, two small LED lamps, one located on the exterior of the wood cabin by the door and the other inside on the small table. On the lower exterior of the cabin building, a small tea candle is used to light, and the roof of the wood cabin is lit with a short 1/2 second burst from a small hand held LED flashlight. The goal with the lighting of the tiny cabin design was to simulate a campfire's light off camera. There was also the hope of having a hint of moonlight reflecting off of the corrugated cabin building metal roof. These few night shots of the tiny cabin design complete the set for a submission for a book inclusion. This wood cabin is one of a few that have been completed over the years.

Night time photography refers to photographs that are taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. Night time photographers usually have a choice between using that pf artificial light and using a long exposure, which exposes the night time scenes for seconds, minutes, or even hours so to give the film or the digital sensor enough time to capture a usable image. With the progress of high-speed films, the higher-sensitivity digital image sensors, along with wide-aperture lenses, and the power of urban lights, night time photography is increasingly possible using only available light. Some tips for night time photography include turning off the flash for night time photography. You don't want to have your camera set to Auto mode, as it will try to fire the pop-up built-in flash to compensate for the low light. And this will achieve an over-lit foreground, with a background that is completely dark. Another important tip for night time photography is to use a tripod. This is because night time shots require long exposures which mean you need a tripod. Because of the long exposure, any movement will cause the photo to blur. If your tripod is a bit flimsy, you will want to hang a heavy bag from the center section of the tripod to keep it from blowing around in the wind.

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