Do it Yourself: How to Build a Log Cabin

Log cabins are a romantic, popular idea. There are many DIY folks out there that are capable of building a log cabin, although, for most of us, it is better to hire the professionals. There is a great amount of planning, as well as the proper tools and some pretty large equipment required to move logs around. Logs are big and heavy, not quite the same as working with boards as in conventional houses. Not to say you cannot do it, as we know the pioneers managed to construct their homes with very basic tools, and did not have access to the equipment we use these days that simplify our lives.

What types of woods are there for log home building? Cypress, Douglas Fir, White Pine and Yellow Pine are a few types of logs. Cypress is conifers found in temperate regions. This type of wood has a good reputation for “resistance to rot and infestation.” This type of logs are also known for its immense strength and durability. However, the problem of Cypress logs is its availability and cost.

We also have Douglas Fir. Fully grown Douglas Fir has a strong durability which is ideal for building log cabin and construction purposes, including plywood and high grade veneer, interior trim, cabinets, pallets, boxes, ladders and flooring.

The third type is the White Pine. According to the Green River Cabins’ website, White Pines are “one of the fastest growing northern forest conifers, it is frequently used in reforestation projects and remains one of the most widely planted trees in North America.” This type of logs has medium strength, but it stains and finishes well. The last kind is the Yellow Pine. This type is prone to warping and shrinking. But despite this, Yellow Pine logs are strong and easy to work with. It is also decay resistant and inexpensive.

Knowledge is power, so read lots of information, especially from reputable log builders as they will have had lots of experiences.

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