Banana Split Icebox Cake Recipe

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A traditional icebox cake is made up of whipped cream and wafers. Itís kind of like an ice cream cake since after stacking the ingredients on top of one another, it is then refrigerated. There have been many variations to this recipe. Different flavors, adding more ingredients. This Banana Split Icebox Cake is delicious but very simple. This icebox cake is reminiscent of cold, fruity drinks.

This dessert is perfect for hot summer days and nights. It mixes the traditional icebox or refrigerator cake recipe, and another well-loved dessert, banana split. Fruity and sweet, this dessert is a treat for both adults and children. Although there are a lot of ingredients, this dessert isn't as complicated as it seems. After separately combining ingredients, it's just a matter of layering them on top of one another. Like any other recipe, you can put your own twist on it. Alter the ingredients or method according to your liking, taste, and preference. However, you will find that this recipe is perfect just the way it is. You can opt for the no-bake variety, just make sure the crust is packed tightly at the bottom so as not to crumble or fall apart when slicing. Basically, you can follow the recipe perfectly, or make your own changes.

This dessert is a welcome change from the usual ice cream or cake dessert, just because it combines our favorites. You can also say this sweet confection is healthy, since the ingredients include some fruits. If you're worried the bananas will turn brown, don't. The pineapple juice will prevent the bananas from discoloring. I can guarantee that this dessert will be a hit with your family and guests.

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