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Are you looking for a comfy place to live? Or are you planning to build your own house in an elegant and homey design? Worry not. Montana Log Homes is here to help you create your dream house. They specializes in lodges, log homes and commercial projects in very unique, quality handcrafting.

When it comes to log homes, rest assured that Montana Log Homes will satisfy your needs. Your dream house would need different sizes of logs. You can choose from 12 inches, 14 inches to 16 inches which are the standard sizes. You can also get bigger sizes which only be available upon your request. Having a log home will make you feel warm and cozy. Especially during winter season. You can even make your house unique by having different sizes and type of logs. You can have a full-length lodgepole pine or Englemann spruce which is peeled and tooled by hand to create an original home look. You can choose from Scandinavian full-scribe and chink style construction. With this elegant designs you can have to your dream house, your friends will surely love to visit.

Montana Log Homes offers great and amazing services for everyone who dream to have a log house or even for commercial projects. Their experienced crew have their amazing skills ready to be shared. Also, you can ask for delivery and reassembly which are included to the Log package quotes. The crew will provide you great satisfaction of their work. Montana Log Homes desires to give each home owner satisfaction to the services and products they offered. Should you wish to have a copy of plans, you can call them or visit their website below to get a copy of plan book, DVD or videos. It is also a great way to start sharing this to your friends and love ones. To have a log house or when in need of logs for commercial projects or for lodges, you can always rely to Montana Log Homes.

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