A Mix of Rustic and Modern Is What Makes This Log Home Exceptional (Click for Floor Plans)

Get this absolutely Breathtaking Log Home Plan from Architectural Designs website, to build a stunning log home for you and your family. A dream home can take many different forms depending on the person designing it. Not everyone has the same needs or the same taste, after all, so this is why there are so many different log home floor plans out there to choose from. A website like Architectural Designs can assist you in picking out the perfect log home floor plan for your very own log dream home. The floor plan is the first and most crucial step that anyone building a home must take care of. The plan is the one piece of information that will be used throughout the log home build and assists the contractors in building the house to it's proper dimensions, with the proper specifications. It allows the contractors to be able to figure out the quantity of materials that will be needed for the log home build, which helps them to formulate a budget for the overall cost of the log home build.

A home like this Plan W91111LH from the Architectural Designs website would need a lot of planning before it was built. The foundation needs to be set properly and level so that the house will stand strong for many years to come, and so that it will be allowed to have some shifting and settling, which is a natural part of the lifespan of a home. The log homes, in particular, will settle and sometimes shrink down in size because the logs compact together as gravity pulls them down. This is also something that is factored into the architectural design of the home. The plans for the home will also be very important for you to obtain all of the building permits that are needed and the approval from the city or jurisdiction you are living within.

The Breathtaking Log Home Plan from Architectural Designs is truly a gorgeous log home plan that anyone would be proud to call home. With a total of 2,620 square feet, this log home plan has room for everything one would need in a home and more. There is one full bedroom, with one full bathroom, which is the only bathroom in the house. The loft can serve as another sleeping space to set up a bed in, or to use as a study or an office space. The very large master bedroom has a vaulted ceiling making it feel grand, and the closet is a large sized walk in closet with plenty of room for even the heftiest wardrobes. The cathedral ceilings in the living room area, allow the heat from the double sided fireplace to make its way around the whole footprint of the home so that all of the rooms in the log home are adequately heated. The living room, dining area, and the kitchen area are all in an open concept space. This is a great way to plan out the main area of the home so that all of the rooms flow into one another nicely.

The wonderful aspect of this plan is that it also includes a sunken solarium that is basically like a sun room where you can put plants and a seating arrangement to enjoy the sunshine even on the colder days of winter. This log home plan also includes wonderful deck space on the outside of the home, giving the dwellers so much space to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their own home. Architectural Designs has been in the log home floor plan business for over forty years now, and they have a very large selection of home floor plans to suit anyone's needs. Check out this Breathtaking Log Home Plan and more!

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