25 Fabulous Wooden Houses in the Countryside

If you love log homes, then you really need to have a look at these 25 Fabulous Wooden Houses in the Countryside. Log homes are some of the most beautiful houses in the world, and they have been built since Roman times. People would build log cabins as apartment type buildings as a way to get more housing in cities that were becoming quickly populated. From then on, people have continued to build log buildings as they have been found to be one of the most resilient and strong types of building out there. What makes logs so appealing as a building material? Well first off, they are amazing insulators, having a high thermal mass, meaning that they are able to keep out cold air and keep in the warmer air. This is what makes log-built homes such a great type of home for places like Canada and Sweden, who have colder 40 degrees Celsius and even colder winters. These beautiful naturally built log homes can also stand for decades, even centuries, so people like them for their longevity as well.

The log cabins and wooden homes that you will see in the post on Diaforetiko will be sure to inspire you. They all have a very country rustic appeal, besides a couple of them. They are all very homey and relaxing feeling log cabins with a little bit of a bohemian hippie type of feel to them. The photos taken of these log houses and cabins are beautiful, done in a very simplistic way, with the perfect angles and nice soothing colours to them. I personally love the ones with the people in them. Like the photo of the family sitting in the living room area on the wicker sofa. This cabin is amazing, with all of the mismatched windows from the floor to the ceiling. Some of the windows are cool and different shapes, and others are colourful stained glass. They all look really interesting put together, like a work of art.

The other one that I love is the next photo with the lady laying down on the 'L' shaped couch, reading. The wood paneling on the inside of the house gives it such a warm log cabin in the woods type of feel. The bench seating is a smart idea for smaller areas where you need to make use of all the space you have. The storage underneath the cushioned seats is perfect for books, and maybe some baskets filled with other things. Again, I love the large windows in this cabin as well. One of the cabins that are very impressive is the one that looks like it is in the tropics somewhere. This wooden treehouse style cabin hangs high above a flowing river and looks like such a magical place to stay or hang out. There is another suspended level hanging from the lofty treehouse cabin that has multitudes of pillows in it. Wouldn't this be the perfect place to spend the afternoon without a care in the world! The Tipi style wooden cabin is also very impressive, and it has a very earthy homey atmosphere. What a lovely place to sleep and relax! It also looks like it could be used as a cabin or home, and not just a bedroom, with all of the storage it has in it.

There are cabins created inside a greenhouse, all glass building, and there are literally green wooden cabins that have living green roofs, with plants taking over the top of it! The other one that caught my eye is the wooden home with all of the different angles to the design on the interior. The large windows and high ceilings are stunning, and the bookcase is a really nice use of space. Check out more awesome wooden and log cabins at Diaforetiko!

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