This Voice Controlled Smart Tiny House Is Mind Blowing

One tiny home design is showing consumers that they can join the small house movement and still maintain their modern edge. Built by Utah's Nordic Tiny Homes, this tiny home design is rich with a diverse range of cutting-edge features and functions. Best of all, many of these functions can be connected to a special app and controlled entirely from the owner's cell phone. For instance, if you misplaced your keys and want to get into the building fast, you can use your mobile device to open the front locks on your tiny home design via verbal command. This unit is just 20 feet long and yet it looks incredibly large on the inside. Those who invest in this tiny home design will have access to a nice-sized bathroom. This includes a shower that can be adjusted for both increased heat and increased spray. The house also has a built-in, flat screen television, and a large, washer and dryer combination. There's also the option of installing a full-sized stove in this tiny home design, given that the hookups for this appliance are already in place. Owners of this tiny house design can choose a stove size that's right for their needs, or they can opt to rely on counter top cooking appliances instead. This is a great way to reserve additional floor space for other furnishings or activities.

From end to end, this tiny home design is made with high-quality wood. Given that wood has inherent, insulating properties, this is the perfect building material for tiny home design plans. Wood can lower both household energy costs and household carbon footprints. This tiny home design is meant for sites with complete utility access. It is great for committed members of the small house movement who want to both save cash and reduce their impact on the natural environment. This remains true despite the many automated features that are intended to make life more comfortable and convenient for property residents. There's also ample room in the loft-style sleeping area for a large, king-sized bed. Moreover, those who invest in this tiny home design will additionally find plenty of outlets for charging their phones and other digital devices. In fact, there are even several charging ports right in the bedroom. This tiny home design also has gorgeous hardwood floors all throughout, big windows for allowing the natural light to shine in, and elevated ceilings that lend to the feeling of an exceedingly spacious interior. This simple, wood construct is accentuated with green trim at the exterior and boasts a portable set of stairs that can be put up and taken back down again when readying the tiny home design for travel

This tiny house on wheels can be transported from location to location with ease. The level of mobility that the average tiny house on wheels boasts is perfect for small house movement supporters who like leading nomadic lifestyles. Given that this tiny house on wheels offers such an amazing array of amenities, it is also perfect for permanent use as a primary dwelling. All of the lights throughout this tiny home design are on an innovative, digitally-controlled, dimmer system. Moreover, this tiny home design has its own mini-split air conditioning system. This compact and highly efficient unit can handle all of the cooling needs in this tiny house, and at a very reasonable cost. This is a feature that many members of the small house movement would love to have in their abodes given that it ensures continued comfort despite possible weather extremes. The in-built voice control system can also be used to play music via the home intercom system, whether for personal enjoyment or for entertaining guests. This tiny home design is currently on the market for just $45k.

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