1929 Ford Model Woody Teardrop Trailer

How Did Stairs Get A Rung Up On Ladders

My Tiny House Travel Trailer

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Sausage, Egg and Cheese Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

This easy casserole recipe takes all of the things that you love about breakfast to include hash browns, sausage and eggs, and bakes them into one tasty breakfast idea. This easy casserole recipe uses ... read more

Most Affordable 500 Square Feet of Insulated, Solid Walled Yurt for Only $26k

There is something beautiful about these unique small house plans, simple in design but the perfect form of small house living. Yurts have been a unique small house plan in Central Asia for at least t ... read more

The Art In And Of The Tiny House

This awesome micro house was part of a raffle earlier this year. The raffle was for a chance to win this micro house that was built in collaboration with Derek Diedricksen, the HGTV host of Tiny House ... read more

Open Concept Model by TexZen Tiny Home Company {Tiny House Tour}

When it comes to small house living, not all tiny houses are on wheels. Like this TexZen tiny house design from TexZen Tiny Homes Company. You can take a photo tour of this beautifully designed luxu ... read more

16×26 Cottage Cabin-Style Tiny House by Kanga Room Systems

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6-Year Old with Cancer Gets His Wish for Dream Tiny House

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Pull this Adorable MeerKat Tiny House with Any 4-Cylinder Vehicle AND Store it in Your Regular Garage!

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Adorable 272 Square Feet Domed Log House from Barrett Leisure for $30,000

If you're looking for a unique tiny house design made from wood, this could be the one. The Toulouse is a prefabricated log tiny house kit you can build yourself. Barretts, the company that sells th ... read more

Hobbit House in UK Inspires Fans of the Series and Tiny House Lovers

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Wishbone Company Builds 768 Square Foot Tiny House Behind Asheville Home

Sometimes you need a little extra space, and a tiny house design is just the way to do that. Accessory Dwelling Units, also known as ADU's, are designed to be built behind a larger, main home design. ... read more

Cape Cod Couple Transform Abandoned Garage into Immaculate Tiny House for Frequent Guests

This charming small cottage home is made even better by it's amazing Cape Cod location. When Marilyn and Brian Thompson, who were owners of a home just steps from the water on Cape Cod, in Massachuset ... read more

14x20 Modern Cabin Tiny House by Kanga Room Systems

The Modern Kwik tiny cabin designs built by Kanga Cabins is designed to be placed in the country or in areas where there will be no required inspections by local building authorities. If your site acc ... read more

The Traditional Yurt And How It Influences Tiny Housers

Yurts are the original tiny houses on wheels that have been around since the 13th century. According to Guillaume de Rubrouck, a Christian missionary to Mongolia in the 13th century, in his book Voyag ... read more

5 Beautiful, Simple Tiny Houses on Hipcamp

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Restoring a Log Home to its Former Glory in Ohio

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Restored Vintage Stoves

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Sliding Walls Create Various Layouts Inside Garden House by Caspar Schols

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Apis Cor Prints Out First On-Site House

Even just 10 years ago the idea of printers that could print in 3-D sounded pretty far out, but now we are witnessing entire houses being printed from a 3-D printer. Apis Cor is one of the companies t ... read more